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1533 E State Hwy 276, West Tawakoni, Tx 75474

Dial 911 in an emergency

For non-emergencies please call Hunt County Dispatch at
903-453-6838 for an officer to meet with you

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City of West Tawakoni

West Tawakoni Police Department

Job Description:

General Information:

Job Title: Reserve Police Officer

Job Type: Part Time

Job Classification

Job Category: Reserve Police Officer

Job Description

Applicants should be highly motivated, certified officers who will serve the community and represent our department with honor and integrity. Applicants should be able to communicate well with citizens of a small rural community as well as work with officers from neighboring agencies when their assistance is needed.

Essential Job Functions:

· Drive Patrol Vehicle and provide enforcement, protection and crime prevention services under the laws of the City of West Tawakoni, State of Texas and the United States.

· Enforce city ordinances, State and Federal laws and written and unwritten directives.

· Produce crime, accident and other reports as required or instructed.

· Conduct accurate, thorough and complete investigations as required or instructed.

· Preserve crime scenes and process information as required or instructed.

· Follow-up on prior calls for service as required or instructed.

· Assist other local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies, fire department and other agencies as required or instructed.

· Apprehend, arrest, book and process criminal suspects and transport prisoners to other locations as required or instructed.

· Attend and testify in scheduled and required court sessions.

· Participate in community policing efforts through business and citizen contacts, non-enforcement public contacts, crime prevention checks, community relations, safety presentations and neighborhood crime watch programs.

· Demonstrate competent and continuing weapons proficiency.

· Demonstrate professional use of radio communications as necessary.

· Demonstrate ability to competently use basic functions of a computer.

· Routinely inspect, maintain and ensure equipment upkeep.

· Maintain regular work attendance, arrive on time and work scheduled shift, which may include overtime hours being worked on an as-needed basis. Position requires officers to work shift work, weekends, nights and holidays.

· Demonstrate ability to follow directions when instructed.

· Maintain continuing professional education through scheduled training classes and legal updates.

· Complete assignments in a professionally and timely manner.

· Perform other related duties as required, requested or instructed.

· Reserve Officers MUST perform at least Sixteen (16) hours Reserve Service per month

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:

The necessary qualifications include: basic TCOLE Peace Officer certificate, valid Texas Driver’s License with good driving record and a high school diploma or GED. Experience as a certified peace officer is preferred, but not required. All candidates must pass a thorough background investigation, psychological test, oral interview and drug screening.

*The City of West Tawakoni is an Equal Opportunity Employer*

West Tawakoni Police Department Notice to Citizens

In recent days we have been experiencing a rash of Vehicle Burglaries. These seem to have started over the weekend of February 7 and February 8 and appear to be on-going. Vehicles in various parts of town have been hit, with perpetrators going through vehicles, scattering contents and taking small items. The items taken have been sunglasses, music cds, one flash drive and other small items.

In most every case, the vehicles have been unlocked and sitting on the owners premises. This is an open invitation to a thief as there is no effort involved in gaining entry.

Please do your best to always ensure that your vehicles are locked when parked, even on your own property. Remember, should you have to contact your insurance carrier, the first question your insurance agent is going to ask is “was the vehicle locked”?

Don’t be a victim, lock and secure your vehicles and your home.

Thank you,
West Tawakoni Police Department

Police Activity for December 2014

The following is the West Tawakoni Police blocker for the month of December.





800 block Tomahawk

Assault F/V Call


200 block W HWY 276

Police Intoxication Arrest


300 block Rabbit Cove

Unattended Death


300 block North shore

Public Intoxication


200 block E HWY 276

Vehicle Pursuit from 300 block of Holly Drive


1000 block E HWY 276

Civil Matter

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Chief of Police Brandon Kilpatrick

Chief of Police - Brandon KilpatrickChief Kilpatrick graduated from the Collin County Community College Law Enforcement Academy in 2004. At his previous Police Department he was voted Police Officer of the year by the citizens two years in a row. He was also a leader in Collin County for DWI arrest. Chief Kilpatrick came to the West Tawakoni Police Department in 2010 and served as a patrol officer. In 2011 was appointed as Officer in Charge of the Police Department. In 2012 he was appointed to the Chief of Police. He is responsible for the daily operations of the Police Department. He is a certified field training officer, and a marine safety enforcement officer. Chief Kilpatrick believes in professionalism, integrity, and proactive police work and strives to make West Tawakoni a desirable place to live and work.










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