911 Addresses

Did you ever stop to think how important 911 Addresses are to you and your family?
Most people do not give them a second thought and probably think it is one more thing for that Code Compliance guy to pick on them about.

The reality is, nothing could be further from the truth. These address’, prominently displayed on your home or business provide Policemen, Firemen and Ambulances the means to readily identify your home. In life and death situations you want first responders to locate and find you. In some emergencies, just a minute or two wasted having to search for an address can be the difference between a good positive outcome or one with a not so positive outcome.

In the City of West Tawakoni Code of Ordinances, Chapter 3, Section 12, Sub-section E, Paragraph (c) reads as follows:
Numbers shall not be less than 3 in height for residential structures and shall not be less than 6 in height for non-residential structures. Numbers need to be visible from the street and should be of a color that is easily seen, i.e. white numbers on a black background, etc.

So, now that grass is not growing I will be able to concentrate on other issues and can think of no better way than to help protect you and your families. I would hate to learn that anyone suffered due to not being located during an emergency situation. Cool weather means heaters, and on occasion open flames, either of which can lead to fires.

As I normally do, as part of my job, I will be driving around our City daily. I will be looking for homes without proper addressing. As is the City policy, warning notices of violations will be mailed to those identified as not having acceptable 911 Address numbering. If you are identified as one of these homes, you will receive a Notice Of Violation stating the issue and the amount of fine if not corrected in ten (10) days. If not corrected, I will contact you again to get the issue corrected and continued failure to comply will result in a Citation being sent to you.

Working together, we can not only clean up our City, we can also get issues such as 911 Addresses taken care of. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at the West Tawakoni Police Department at 903-447-3605 or you can email me at wtcode.hall@ cityofwesttawakoni.com .

Lets all do our part to have a safe Fall and Winter!

Dwayne L. Hall
Code Compliance Officer