Burn Ordinance Approved by City Council

ORDINANCE NO. 232-5-14-2013 was passed and approved on 5-14-2013

Restrictions and Requirements of the new burn ordinance include (but are not limited to):

• You must notify the Police Department at 903-447-3605 (this is an answering machine) at least 2 hours prior to initiating a burn (Section A)

• Location of a burn must be at least 300 ft from any structure and contained in an approved pit (Section B-1)

• Burn must be constantly attended by a competent person until extinguished and such person must have a garden hose connected to a water supply or have other fire extinguishing equipment readily available for use (Section B-2)

• The predicted wind speed must be greater than five miles per hour (mph) and less than 24 mph during the burn period (Section E-3b)

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