Keep​ ​West​ ​Tawakoni​ ​Beautiful​ ​Meeting Thursday,​ ​Sept.​ ​21,​ ​2017,​ ​4:30​ ​p.m. West​ ​Tawakoni​ ​City​ ​Hall

1. Call to Order

2. Minutes of Aug. 17, 2017, meeting

3. Announcements

4. Update on Little Library project—Margaret Johnson. We need to have someone assume Margaret’s duties while she is recovering from surgery.

5. Status of project for enclosed bulletin board for city notices

6. Status of sign for community improvement award

7. Status of work on painting trash barrels for park

8. Further discussion on “Welcome to West Tawakoni” signs on both ends of city along Hwy. 276

9. Further discussion on bluebonnet planting project along Hwy. 276 in city and city park

10. Update on Sept. 9 trash collections at sewer plant and plans for Oct. 7 trash collection

11. Further discussion on Keep Texas Beautiful training sessions/webinars and additional ones added since last meeting

12. Plans for Oct. 14 fall plant sale

13. Decision on purchase of giveaway items for future events and order of free items from TxDOT

14. Items for placement on future agendas

15. Any other issues

16. Adjourn