The City Council is in the process of begining to look at the need of remodeling our City Hall. Even though this topic has come up before, it never seemed to gain much ground. During that time the building has began to deteriate to indicate even more of a need to do some upgrading. The building is not very air tight and most believe the heating and cooling costs could be greatly reduced by addressing some insulation issues. There are some water leaking problems that indicate some roof repairs are needed. Our bathroom (one) is not ADA compliant and, without doubt, needs to be remodeled.

The building needs to be painted and some of the exterior metal needs replacing. Some folks feel that “our” City Hall, the publics, should have the outside of the building remodeled so as to not look like ” just another metal building”. Also, water stands in the front of the building parking area to the extent that a person has to walk thru a inch or two of water to get to the front door.

Indeed, there is not much doubt that these needs are real and necessary. However, as you can imagine, all of these needs cost money.

Therefore, we are asking for your thoughts on this remodeling issue. We have plenty of other areas that we could spend money on. Nobody denies that. It is more a matter of what our citizens want to happen in our community and when.

We are also asking your thoughts of what kind of design the front of City Hall should appear to be, if you agree that we should upgrade the building. I understand that there will be a wide range of opinions expressed on this issue. I would just ask that you give some thought to what you want “your” community to look like and give us an honest and productive reply.

Calvin Travers