One of the most common questions I’ve received recently is “When are you going to fix Rabbit Cove Road?”

My wife asks me that same question every time we drive on Rabbit Cove. You see, I live at the very end of Rabbit Cove at the lake. I usually make 3 to 5 trips a day up and down the road. Rest assured, no one in West Tawakoni wants Rabbit Cove repaired any more than myself. The wear and tear on my vehicles is easy for me to see and feel. No doubt about it, Rabbit Cove is a “Disaster”. I am sure a small car or truck hits the frame in some places.

Our street department places crushed concrete in the pot holes, only to be washed out the next time it rains. We have tried other materials without much better results. The road is 1 1/2 miles long. Mays Lane, which we repaired last year late is one mile in length. Mays lane, as far as drainage condition, is in pretty decent condition. Rabbit Cove is in worse than terrible condition. It is a waste of money to try to “patch” the road, but we still try to do what we can.

The ditches along the road, in most places, are as high as the road. That causes the sub-grade (under the pavement, as it is) to get soaked and offer no support at all to the oil sand road material. This causes yet more pot holes and a yet greater problem. The road from Mays lane to the lake at the end of Rabbit cove is “flat”. Rain water would not flow down the ditches even if we cleaned the ditches out. The ditches would just hold more water and cause even more problems. Now, in a heavy rain, the entire road is under water for about a quarter mile.

Mays Lane cost very close to $210,000.00 for the City to repair. Rabbit Cove will require as much engineering and drainage work as it will require road work. It may cost $600,000 or more to fix correctly. In short, the City does not have the money to fix the road correctly. We have looked at trying to find a Grant to help us fund the work. We keep running into dead ends. They tell us not enough people live on Rabbit Cove for us to qualify for a Grant.

Some have suggested putting more rock on the road and just blading the road with a tractor when it gets rutted. Some say that approach is going backwards. They say the dust would be worse that the rough road.

For us to borrow $600,000 (or more), over 20 years, would force the City Council to raise property taxes 10 to 15 cents, at least. People complain when we have to raise the tax rate 2 cents to fund the operation of the City. What we need in West Tawakoni is new businesses to move here and build new buildings. We need more people to move here and build more and bigger houses. We need more tax base which generates more property taxes and more stores which collect more sales taxes. In short, we need more money so we can solve more of our problems here in West Tawakoni.

I, and the entire City Council and staff, welcome your suggestions and/or help. We have not “given up”, but we have not found a solution yet either.

Calvin Travers, Mayor