Budget review underway for 2013-2014

The City Council is about mid-way into discussion and consideration of next years budget. While there are many numbers and issues to be debated there are two topics that have came to the forefront.

Streets and maintenance of streets have taken much of the time so far. Most all the Council seems to think that Mays Ln holds high priority. Mays Ln is considered the busiest interior street and to improve the condition would affect the highest percentage of our residents. That is not to say that there are not other streets that need our attention. To rebuild Mays Ln from Hwy 276 to Rabbit Cove, very close to one mile, will cost close to $115.000.00 in material only. The City has about $71,000.00 left in the 2012/13 budget. We will need to use some of next years budget funds to complete the project.

In addition, the City is experiencing a major problem at our water filtration plant. We are still having the problem assessed, but it is pretty safe to assume we will have to do some large scale maintenance work to our ground storage tank. It holds 250,000 gallons of water. It also is going to need interior sandblasting and re-coating with a special epoxy paint. That could cost several hundred thousand dollars.

The rest of the budget meetings are being taken up with how we will fund all the other departments of the city. I will keep you informed as this process moves along.

This Thursday, August 1st, there will be a joint meeting of several boards and commissions. It will be held at the Lake Tawakoni Regional Chamber of Commerce, here in West Tawakoni, on Hwy 276. Attendees will consist of the Economic Development Commission, the Park Board, the City Council and the Chamber of Commerce. We will be discussing ideas to promote our area to visitors, travelers and fishermen. One of the main topics will be how to best promote next years Cabella’s Catfish Tournament and make it a large event for our town.

Calvin Travers