Unlike most cities around us, the City of West Tawakoni owns and operates our own water filtration and purification system. We, per agreement with Sabine River Authority, take water out of the lake. We then clean, filter and treat the water and, using our own distribution system, provide that water to residents of West Tawakoni. We also provide water to residents outside our city limits, at an additional charge, higher than residents pay.

Depending on the time of year, we furnish 200,000 to 250,000 gallons per day to our customers. Water usage peaks in the summer months and is lowest in winter months. We pay Sabine River Authority for the purchase of raw water. We then sell that treated water to our customers. The “profit” we make on the sale of water goes to support the operation of the plant. Some of those costs include chemicals to clean the water, the costs of paying for the construction of the plant, the employees to run the plant, electricity to run the plant, trucks and tractors to do maintenance and repairs on the plant and distribution lines, and improvements to the plant and lines. Because of inflation across the board, it is fair to say that it usually cost the City more to operate the system each and every year.

We draw water from the lake and run it thru the filtering part of the plant. The water is then sent to a 250,000 gallon ground storage tank where the filtering process finishes up. Then the clean water is pumped to the North storage tower and also to the South storage tower. The pressure you see at your faucet is because the towers are much higher than your house, therefore the water runs out of the faucet.

In 2007, when the lake was 12-1/2 feet low, our employees had to extend the pick-up line about 200 feet out into the lake.

The 250,000 gallon ground storage tank now needs repairs that include sandblasting and recoating the inside of the tank. It looks as if we will need to build another ground storage tank so that we can shut down the existing tank for a month or so for the necessary repairs. The City Council is now in the process of selecting an engineering firm to guide us through that re-hab process.

All of the issues stated above are some of the reasons the Council felt the need to increase the base water rate to customers in the City by $4.00.

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Calvin Travers