Since my last Blog, there have been things going on in our community you might be interested in.

First, the Council has completed the Budget we will operate on during our Ficisical year 2014/2015. That budget starts October 1, 2014 and runs thru September 30, 2015. This years budget does not include a property tax increase. It does, however, include a increase in water/sewer charges. It is not possible for me to tell you exactly how much of a increase you will see. That is because there is an increase of the base charge and also an increase in the per 1000 gallons charge that increases as the amount of gallons increases. However, the “typical” user, if there is such a thing, will see an increase of around $4.00 to $7.00. The reason for the necessary increase is due to issues i have addressed previously on this Blog. We will post the entire ordinance on this site so that you can determine what impact the rates will have on your household.

The City is currently doing the necessary work to implement a system called “IRIS”. This will be a mass notification to all of our Citizens that have a water meter in their name. There will be no charge for this service this first year. It is our hope to provide this service at no charge in future years, if possible. If you will give us your home, cell, or text number the system will call those numbers to notify you of local emergencies such as weather warnings, road closings, water related problems, burn bans and other emergencies or non-emergencies that you will need to know of. We will be sending more information to you as this effort moves along. You may contact City Hall for a application for this service. We will also try to put the application on this site.

Our Police Department, Chief Kilpatrick, is in the process of starting a “Volunteer Program” where people who have a desire to volunteer some of their time to help the City will have a opportunity to do so. The City Council has already given their approval to the idea and the concept of how it will work. Very soon our Chief will use the media and this web site to notify you of the workings of this exciting new program for people in our area.

Please keep in mind that the City has other Boards and Commissions that offer you a place to get involved with the City. We have a Planning and Zonning Commission, a Economic Development Corporation, a Park Board, a Keep West Tawakoni Beautiful Committee, a Tech Committiee (that oversees this web site), and other opportunities.

Again, thank you for using this web site. Please let us know yoiur thoughts and feelings.

Calvin Travers, Mayor