This next weekend will feature the CABELLAS fishing tournament here in West Tawakoni. The event will be held in our City Park. Friday evening will be the sign in. All the fishermen and ladies will be at the park to enter their teams and to go over all the rules of the tournament and discuss pertinent information related to the event. The lake is almost at a record low level so I am sure saftey issues will be of prime importance. Weigh in will start late in the morning, Saturday, and will end in the afternoon. All boats will have to be in line at 4 PM in order to weigh the fish caught by the teams. You might like to stop by the park during the day and at 4 PM to enjoy the excitment. This event is sponsored by the West Tawakoni Economic Development Corporation. Every time you buy a taxable item here in West Tawakoni one-half cent of every dollar you spend goes to fund the EDC and the different programs it provides our community.

The City has started an enhanced code enforcement effort in our community. In the past, the code enforcement officer has tried to cover the whole City in requiring folks to keep their residences clean and free from trash and other unacceptable material. With one code inforcement officer it has been a very daunting task. So, we have changed our tactics.

We are going to target different areas of West Tawakoni for a three month period. We will still work the whole town, but we will put special effort in a particular area for the three months. We will then move to a different area of town. We will also change the focus of our efforts. We will send out a notice by mail as to the violations on a piece of property. The owner will have a short amount of time to respond and comply with our ordinance. If the owner does not respond, then we will issue a notice of violation (a ticket) and they will be required to appear in Municipal Court. They can then tell the Judge their excuse and/or pay a fine. Our hope in this effort is that folks will soon realize that what has been commonplace in West Tawakoni in the past is not acceptable any longer. The truth is that one nasty, filthy, unkempt lot in a block affects the liveability and value of all the homes in that block. We are going to try to help solve this problem in our community. However, it will take time.

I met yesterday, along with our Park Board Chairperson, with a group of people who would like to come to West Tawakoni over Labor Day this year and hold an event that they have annually. It would involve around 800 visitors. As this effort moves along, I will post more about it here on the website.

Also, please read about the new IRIS program the City is offering to our citizens and respond as soon as you can. It is explained elsewhere on this website.

On a personal note: Thank you, Linda, for reminding me about this Blog.

Calvin Travers