Our Park Department volunteers are very, very busy working on several things to offer our citizens and bring visitors to West Tawakoni. Mayfest is just around the corner with the next turn of the page on the calender. The Tawakoni Noodling Tournament, the first tournament to be held here in Texas, will be sponsored by and held here in West Tawakoni out of our City park. The date is June 6-7. Our Park department will then hold the 4th of July activities.

Several of our employees are involved with training to improve their ability to do their jobs for the City and our citizens. Two are in Austin today and tomorrow at a Finance Class dealing with government financial matters. One is in class this week in Plano concerning proper code enforcement and its application. A member of our police Department goes to school soon to learn advanced law enforcement training. Several of our Public Works Department employees will be taking classes to gain higher ratings in water and sewer  processes.

In just a short time the Council will start meetings to discuss and adopt the City Budget for the year 2014-2015. This is very important because it wil lay out what we will be able to do for the public during the next budget year, and how we will be able to fund it. These hearings are all open to the public and if you might have an interest in running for one of the City council seats up for election in November, you should really plan on attending these.

I have been working with County Judge John Horn in his effort to appoint a Hunt County Planning & Zoning Commission. This commission would have jurisdiction over the use of property in the areas between the take line of the lake (ele. 477), extending 5000 feet. It WOULD NOT have jurisdiction in incorporated areas of West Tawakoni, Quinlan or Hawk Cove. It would have authority in a lot of the unincorporated areas around our towns. It is an attempt to “clean up”  the areas just outside our towns and has the possibility of offering a great deal of help in making the Lake area a lot more appealing.

Calvin Travers