The City Council has, for the last couple of years, been dealing with issues both at the Clean Water Plant and the Waste Water Plant. I have spoken here on some of those issues and problems in previous Blogs. I do not believe those issues to be “critical” issues, but I do believe those to be very important. And, if fact, the Council has made the decision to fix those problems NOW, even though some of them could have been addressed in years past. Most things are maintenance and repair items that must be done now.

The City has hired an engineer to design the repairs that are needed. Our Water Plant is located on the same property as our City Park that is located on Hwy 276. We will need to construct a new 250,000 gallon ground storage tank. That will enable us to take the existing ground storage tank out of service for a month or two to sandblast the tank inside and out. They will then put a new epoxy coating inside the tank to prevent any rust in the future. Then the outside of the tank will be painted and any safety items will be added to the outside of the tank. The same procedure will be done on the overhead water tower at that location, both inside and out. That work will cost around $ 1,100,000.00.

Because of the drought we are currently going through, and because in past years the drought cycles seem more often, it has caused our water pick-up line in Lake Tawakoni to be in shallower and shallower water. The line is in about 3 feet of water now. When the lake is full, hopefully soon, we will be in about 13 feet of water. For that reason, we are looking at the possibility of moving the pick-up line to an area in the lake that would place us in 25 feet of water NOW. That would ensure that West Tawakoni would have usable water forever, by all practical reasoning. However, to do that would cost about                      $ 1,300.000.00.

In addition, the engineers are finishing up on design work that would put our Wastewater Plant in full compliance with TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality). Our Public Works Department employees have done an wonderful job in the past year in improving the operation of the plant, but we still need some construction upgrades. It appears that we will be able to get a Grant from the State of Texas to help on that project to some extent. Because we do not know the exact amount of the Grant and/or the construction figures I cannot tell you right now our exact cost. However, I can tell you that there will be an expense.

In addition, the City Council has spent a great deal of time in the last two months in hearings to create our next years Budget. That Budget starts October 1, 2014 and runs through September 30, 2015. Because of the items mentioned above , and others, it will be necessary to increase/change our water/sewer rate structure. We will be having Public Hearings to inform our residents of the 2014/2015 Budget and Rates soon. I will also make those changes known here on our Web Site.

Thank you for using our Web Site. Please tell people you know of this Web Site and encourage them to visit the site. 

Calvin Travers, Mayor