Work began today on rebuilding Mays Lane. The work should take a week or so. The work will include pulverizing the existing road, adding 6 inches of crushed stone and topping that off with 2 inches of oil sand.

There have been some that feel Mays Ln was not the correct choice for the Council to make. The Council did in fact spend considerable time in coming to the conclusion that Mays Ln should be done first. 

Hunt County will be doing the work and furnishing their manpower and equipment to complete the job. West Tawakoni will pay for the actual cost of the material, the rock and oil sand. The material cost will amount to about $ 110,000.00. That is how much material it takes to do one mile. Mays Ln is one mile long. We have    $ 70,000.00 left in our 2012/13 budget. We will have to borrow $ 40,000.00 against next years budgeted amount of $ 90,000.00 in the 2013/14 budget. That will leave $ 50,000.00 to use in repairing streets next year.

Most people agree that Rabbit Cove is in worse shape right now than Mays Ln. So, the question is, “Why don’t you do Rabbit Cove first”. The reason is that Rabbit Cove is just over 1-1/2 miles long. Rabbit Cove needs extensive ditch work so that it will drain properly. If we do not fix that problem, then the new road would have a very short life. The roadbed sits very low so we will need a larger amount of base to raise the roadbed so that we can gain a positive drainage away from the road. All of those problems together would make fixing Rabbit Cove three or more times expensive than Mays Ln.

The thought is that everyone that lives down Mays and Rabbit Cove will benefit to some degree by repairing Mays Ln. True, the folks living on and off Rabbit Cove will still have a rough ride home, however, the rough ride will not be as long. I know this does not suit everyone, however, the 5 Council members should be thanked for accomplishing what they did with the very limited funding they had.

Also keep in mind that we still have many more streets that need attention.

The solution to this and other problems is to entice more retail businesses to come to our city. We also need to attract more upper scale housing. We need the citizens of West Tawakoni to buy everything they can buy in our community. We need our citizens to tell the stores they shop at outside our community to consider putting a store in West Tawakoni. 

Sales taxes and property taxes are what fuels a city’s needs.

Calvin Travers