The City Council, after numerous special budget meetings and public hearings has completed work on next year’s budget. Our budget year runs from October 1st of one year thru September 30th of the next year. Therefore, our 2013/2014 budget will start Tuesday, October 1, 2013. To provide funding for the City, the Council, during the months of August and September works on the next year’s budget. The Budget is a public document and in available for for inspection by the public at City Hall. Some of the highlights of the new budget are included here.

The property tax rate will increase about 1- 3/4 cents to .573971 per hundred dollars of valuation

Water residential rates inside the City will be $46.63 for the base charge , which includes the first 2000 gallons. The rate outside the City will be $61.33 cents for the base charge which includes the first 2000 gallons of usage.

Sewer base rate, inside the City is $19.75 for the first 2000 gallons. Sewer base rate outside the City is $27.62 for the first 2000 gallons of usage.

Our garbage collection company, Sanitation Solutions, is increasing their rate they charge the City by 9%. The City will be raising the rate we charge our customers by $4.00 per month.

The City will begin charging a processing fee of $4.00 for those using credit cards to pay water, sewer, fines and other charges. This is to cover the cost that the City incurs from the credit card companies.

The increase for water/sewer is the first increase since 2009. The expense of operating the water and sewer departments has increased yearly for the City. Chemicals to treat the water, fuel, maintence and payroll are some of the increases the City has faced during those years.

I will include additional information in this blog describing provisions in the new budget in the future. I would like to say that the City Council worked very hard and did extensive research to try to keep all of the above rates as low as posible. It should go without saying that these increases affect those council members the same as everyone else.

Calvin Travers