Volunteers Needed

The City has recently appointed a Park Committee. We would like to have 9 members on the committee. At this time we have 7 members. The Park Committee oversees the operation of City Park. They plan activities at the park that are sponsored by the City of West Tawakoni. They also make recommendations to the City Council as to improvements and additions that we might make to make the park an even better place for our citizens to gather. If you have an interest in being a member of the Park Committee, please let us know.

Also, I am in the process of appointing a Planning and Zoning commission. The P&Z will be a very important part of city government. They will work on a zoning ordinance that will, in effect, lay out the way the City develops in the future. It will be a very interesting place for you to serve the City. It would be really nice if we could find someone in West Tawakoni that may have had some kind off experience in this area. However, we will try to provide training to the members as we proceed on with this effort.

Please consider offering some of your time to serve the City of West Tawakoni.

Calvin Travers